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Kyle Horn
Founder & Director

Kyle Horn is founder and director of America's Job Honor Awards, and an advocate for our nation's untapped workforce.

While working in the staffing & recruiting industry, Kyle was deeply affected by his meetings with job seekers who struggled with employment barriers including disabilities, immigration challenges and criminal convictions. Convinced that our nation's labor shortage can be mitigated by tapping into this neglected talent pool, he stepped away from his corporate career to launch America's Job Honor Awards: A nonprofit celebrating people who overcome employment barriers and the employers who hire them. The organization has grown into a multi-state movement with national recognition.

In June 2014, the First Annual Iowa Job Honor Awards was presented to standing ovations before several hundred business leaders. Following the successful inaugural event, ManpowerGroup agreed to serve as founding sponsor of the nonprofit initiative. The organization began its journey of expansion in 2015 under the banner of America's Job Honor Awards.

Earned media suggests the initiative is the right thing at the right time: America’s Job Honor Awards has been highlighted in 118 newspapers in 17 states, dozens of TV interviews and has been featured in national trade journals … all with a marketing budget of zero.

Our mission remains constant: to rekindle hope and energize the work ethic across the nation, through the celebration of a new kind of hero.

Video: founder Kyle Horn and our origin story


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