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Kyle Horn
Founder & Director

In his career with ManpowerGroup, founder Kyle Horn wrestled with complex workforce issues from both candidate and employer perspectives. He frequently interacted with business leaders in his home state of Iowa who complained that the dwindling workforce and widening skills gap were hindering business expansion. At the same time, he observed thousands of unemployed and underemployed Iowans struggling to find meaningful, career-track jobs. Convinced that we must do more to bridge this gap, he moonlighted to launch the Iowa Job Honor Awards.

In June 2014, the First Annual Iowa Job Honor Awards was presented to standing ovations before several hundred business leaders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Following the successful inaugural event, ManpowerGroup agreed to serve as lead sponsor of the nonprofit initiative. The organization began its journey of national expansion in 2015 under the banner of America's Job Honor Awards.

America's Job Honor Awards’ mission remains constant: to rekindle hope and energize the work ethic across the nation, through the celebration of a new kind of hero.


(Daniele Zedda photo)