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America’s Job Honor Awards is a nonprofit, nonpartisan initiative celebrating people who overcome barriers to employment and the employers who hire them. Honorees have overcome disabilities, criminal convictions, immigration challenges and ageism in their struggle for employment.


We promote workforce opportunities for people overcoming employment barriers, in order to transform their lives and improve our nation’s labor force participation rate.

An Innovative Approach

Our approach to resolving the nation’s talent crisis is unique. For years, workforce development agencies have focused primarily on the “supply” side of the talent supply chain: Training disadvantaged job seekers. Despite these efforts, candidates who overcome employment barriers remain largely exiled from the workforce by skeptical employers who are reluctant to give them a chance.

Talent Supply Chain: 

Disadvantaged Job Seekers —> Workforce Development Agencies (Providers) —> Employers

We believe job seeker training is necessary but not sufficient. For too long we’ve neglected the “demand” end of the talent supply chain: The employers who hold the keys to the jobs.

The greatest barrier to entry for struggling job seekers is negative employer bias. America’s Job Honor Awards challenges that bias with real stories.

Our videos reach well beyond the business community:

  • Disadvantaged job seekers are inspired to recognize and overcome their barriers

  • Workforce developers are energized by testimonials to the impact of their work, and they use our videos to persuade prospective employers and clients

  • Policy makers are moved to build a more inclusive workforce

  • Consumers are inspired to reward socially-responsible companies with their purchasing power … and their employment applications

Our Programs

We host annual awards ceremonies featuring biographical videos describing honorees efforts to overcome employment barriers and win life-changing jobs.

Honorees are selected following annual campaigns in which nominations are submitted via this website. Top honorees are celebrated in state-level awards ceremonies, with inspiring videos recounting their paths to employment success. These videos are then shared broadly via social media, and made available to nonprofit agencies to advance their mission of building an inclusive workforce and increasing our nation’s labor force participation rate.

In addition to our annual awards events, America's Job Honor Awards works year-round to encourage companies to hire individuals who overcome barriers, and to inspire disadvantaged job seekers to recognize and overcome their employment barriers. We do this through public speaking, seminars, publishing and media appearances.

America's Job Honor Awards is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

“In the midst of America's talent shortage, it’s time for employers to get serious about our untapped workforce. People who overcome patterns of failure or challenges such as disability are not only highly qualified employees, but frequently they demonstrate remarkable work ethic and loyalty.”   - Kyle Horn, Founder & Director

Video: Founder Kyle Horn describes America’s Job Honor Awards


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