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2018 nominations are open from June 1 to August15, 2018.

Employee Nomination - Illinois

Complete the form on this page to tell us about someone you know who deserves the Job Honor Award. Feel free to nominate yourself. (Please note that this is not a vote. Do not nominate the same person more than once.)

After submitting your nomination, the Submit button will be replaced with the words "Thank you." That's the only acknowledgement you'll receive. You will not be contacted by America's Job Honor Awards unless your nominee is selected as an honoree. Our decision will rely entirely on the content of your nomination.

Honorees will be publicly announced at the annual awards event. (Honorees and their nominators will be contacted several weeks before this ceremony.)

Nomination Tips

  • Do not use the "Back" button while completing this form -- Your information will be lost.
  • Consider cutting and pasting your answers from a word processing application (e.g., MS Word) to check spelling and avoid losing your work.
  • A detailed entry is essential. Provide specific and concrete examples of how your nominee has demonstrated outstanding character and is deserving of the Job Honor Award.
  • The best nominations present a clear, compelling and chronological story. Nominations that list a jumbled assortment of facts are viewed less favorably. (Our challenge is to capture honoree stores in a powerful and inspiring 3-minute video. We're looking for a story.) 
  • Our awards are presented before audiences of business leaders. Our primary goal is to inspire employers to adopt inclusive hiring practices and hire more disadvantaged jobseekers. Please keep this audience in mind as you craft your nomination.
  • Before submitting your nomination, please check with your prospective nominee to confirm they'd be comfortable sharing their story publicly and accepting the Job Honor Award.

Note:  Occasionally we receive nominations for people who serve individuals with barriers to employment. America's Job Honor Awards does not formally recognize those who prepare and train disadvantaged candidates: Our mission is to celebrate individuals who have personally overcome barriers to employment. (We serve workforce development professionals by increasing employer demand for their clients, encouraging more candidates to seek their services, and showcasing their success stories.)

When selecting our top honorees, a number of criteria are factored into our decision: We seek a line-up of honorees with good geographic diversity (coming from multiple parts of the state, for example, instead of from a single metropolitan area). Additionally, we seek a line-up of honorees who have overcome a variety of employment barriers (in an effort to give hope and encouragement to a maximum number of struggling jobseekers).

Before submitting a nomination, be sure to read our Legal Disclosures.

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Please describe in detail your nominee's specific accomplishment and what was involved in achieving it. Be sure to include the approximate dates of the activities and be sure to describe the specific barriers to employment your nominee overcame. For examples of barriers to employment, please visit
Please describe their impact, potential impact and how they have inspired others.
Please describe the moment or situation that motivated your nominee to take action.
Please describe those characteristics that set your nominee apart from others.
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By submitting your nomination you agree that you have read and accept the legal disclosures.

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NOTE: After submitting your nomination, the Submit button will be replaced with the words "Thank you." That's the only acknowledgement you'll receive. You will not be contacted by America's Job Honor Awards unless your nominee is selected as an honoree.